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Our Tuition Programme
Types of Tuition
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We are awarded Top Brands 2014 - For Generation X!

Our Tuition Programme

Our programme is developed by two First-Class Honours graduates from Cambridge University.  They structured their programme based on the following key features:

(i)                 Confidence building for students

(ii)                Explore ¨C Strengthen ¨C Consolidate (ESC) Cycle (Our Teaching Methodology)

(iii)               Teachers¡¯ Training

(iv)               Incorporating discoveries from neuroscience

Over the years since 1999, we have been helping many students achieve outstanding results.  Click here for our students¡¯ results.

TuitionIn fact, we are so confident of being able to help students fully understand the subjects they are learning and being able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in examinations, that we have introduced a
Results Guaranteed Programme (RGP)

We have also been described as the most transparent tuition centre in terms of student results by the
Straits Time in an article on (28 August 2010).

Our programme is continuously updated to incorporate discoveries in neurosciences.  As scientists discover more about how the human brain works and how people learn, we tap on their knowledge and information to fine-tune our programme and the physical structure of our learning centre to provide the best learning environment for our students.

Types of Tuition
Group tuition : 
Up to 8 students per group for Pri and Sec levels
Up to 12 students per group for JC levels
- We are also offering IP Tuition.
Individual tuition : Customised tuition programme to meet the needs of individual students.
Results Guaranteed : Under the Results Guaranteed Programme (RGP), a full refund is given if the student does not attain the grade specified in our contract.
Primary :

Math, Science, English

Secondary :

Math, Science, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, E. Math, A. Math

JC : Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, GP, Economics
Location of Education Centres
Smartlab Education has  centres all over Singapore: Education Centres
1 Bishan (2 centres)
2 Hougang
3 Marine Parade
4 Jurong East
5 Woodlands
6 Punggol
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