Teaching Methodology

Our Teaching System

SmartLab® uses the ESC (Exploration, Strengthening, Consolidation) cycle of learning methodology for english, mathematics and science developed by Cambridge University Graduates with First Class Honours with years of experience helping students improved their results. We also embed activity-based learning and problem-based learning as part of the curriculum.

While we are unable to reveal our "trade secrets", our success, we believe, is largely due to the confluence of the following factors and considerations:

1. the content and structure of our notes [which, incidentally, is in such demand that our students have reported cases of their notes being stolen by their school classmates, and of their school teachers asking to borrow them.]

2. exam-oriented worksheets which we constantly improve by adding on demanding questions from current school papers; [numerous students have remarked, after examination and test, on how we know what is coming out for their exam papers or tests]

3. teaching methods that focuses on engaging students interest via multimedia, hands-on experience and a high level of interaction (including teacher-student, student-student and student-computer interactions)

4. profiling tools that help us better understand learner needs so that we can create the best conditions for the students to perform at their best and heighten their self-esteem.

5.a small Teacher-Student Ratio of 1:8 allows a good understanding of individual students, their strengths and weaknesses and their learning styles. Having fewer students also enables the teachers to take the time and effort to tailor learning programmes to better suit the students, adopting different approaches for different learning styles.

6.a teaching philosophy that focuses on building confidence, nurturing a positive learning attitude, imparting thinking skills and stretching students' abilities.

Our professional and systematic teaching methodology is designed to cultivate students' interest in the subjects while at the same time focusing on improvement of grades. The system developed since 1999 have proven effective in helping our students improve their grades.

As we teach all the way from Primary to JC levels, relevant higher- level knowledge are incorporated into classes for the lower levels where appropriate, to further stretch our students' abilities and to enhance understanding. Our programme emphasises on building confidence through first rigorously developing basic understanding to form a firm foundation, and then to incrementally improve understanding by exposure to a wide variety of examination-style questions from schools and those set by ourselves. Our notes for each topic are self developed, comprehensive and organised for ease of learning. Our proprietary revision worksheets prior to common tests and examinations are packed with examination type questions to systematically cover all possible types of questions as comprehensively as possible.

Key Elements Of Our Teaching System

  • Clear and concise proprietary notes and examination oriented summary notes
  • Understanding of concepts is emphasized
  • Examination-focused teaching
  • Small Teacher-Student Ratio of 1:8
  • Monitoring of student's strengths and weaknesses with different assignments given to different students to optimize their performance
  • Setting of our own mock examination papers.
  • Science experiments are included in our science lessons to heighten students' level of interest in Science and deepen their understanding of scientific theories. Very few experiments with a higher level of risk will be demonstrated by the teacher. But most of the time, students will get to conduct their own experiments.
  • In-house developed holistic Diagnostic system to assess and monitor students' performance. New students will be asked to go through a complete diagnostic assessment. This helps us understand the students' strengths and weaknesses, so that we can better help them improve their performance.
  • Online e-learning modules that complement our existing tuition programme so that our limited teaching hours with the students can be extended
  • Top quality teachers in terms of qualifications and commitment
  • Proprietary Notes and Exercises carefully designed and developed for thorough understanding of topics and applications of concepts
  • Small Teacher-Student Ratio of 1:8 for greater individual attention (See Tutorial room)
  • Diagnostic quiz/analysis to better understand the strength and weakness of students when they sign up
  • Unique examination preparation process and gearing of students months prior to PSLE / O / A level
  • Quiz from past school test/examination papers to track understanding and progress of students on topics taught
  • Target weaker areas to improve students’ performance and conduct free additional class for weaker students
  • Open environment to encourage students to ask questions and participate actively in class activities
  • Laboratory lessons integrated as part of Science lessons to stimulate thinking and interests
  • Partnership with students and parents to improve the performance and attitude of students

Examination Preparations

  • Unique process that is developed, tried and implemented to gear and prepare the students going for their major examinations at PSLE, O and A levelsystematically and comprehensively.
  • Compulsory Mock Examination, including mock laboratory examination, to prepare students for their exams.
  • Revision sessions to focus students on preparation of examination.
  • Individualized worksheets to work students hard on areas of weakness as tracked by Student Record Card.
  • Weekly intensive quiz to enhance students' ability to work under examination condition.
  • Repository of Past School Examination Questions.

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