Students' Testimonials on our Tuition for O Level, A Level, PSLE

O Level (More Testimonials with Photos here)

'The teachers are very friendly and approachable. When my results were bad during the mid-year exams, the A. Maths and Physics teachers gave me extra practice to ensure that I did better and improved. Other areas SmartLab has helped me are giving my confidence a boost and brushing up on my techniques. The notes and worksheet taught me and corrected my misconceptions towards Physics. I want to say thanks to the teachers who have helped me.'- Geoffrey Kok Yan Jie : AMath (A1), Physics (A1)

'The teachers here are very patient, flexible and understanding as they always try to make time for us and fit themselves into our schedule. To better assess and engage us in class activities, SmartLab teachers constantly think of methods to keep the lesson interesting and conduct small independent activities. SmartLab has helped build my confidence in the sense I felt assured and confident of what I learn. The notes are extensive and applicable as they cover examples and sample questions. They came in handy as they had some of the more popular questions and easy for self-revision as they are self-explanatory. Thank you for your support. '- Ian Chia Chern Yi : AMath (A2), Physics (A2)

'The teachers are very friendly and easy to communicate with. They never hesitate to clarify any doubts of the students and even stay behind after curriculum time. Their great experience has also helped to guide us through. I believe that SmartLab has taught me to indirectly prioritise my schedule and manage my time well due to the large number of lessons I have to attend in the week. I forced myself to put aside activities that serve little benefit to me, (like computer games) so I could focus more on studies. The notes are very concise and easily utilized during study and last minute revision. The numerous examples also grant us a clearer understanding of each topic. I want to give a big thank you for being there for the past year and guiding me along this tough journey. Please continue to guide and help the next batches of students to clear the hurdle of O Levels!'- Alex Cheung : AMath (A2), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2)

'They are helpful and the notes given helped me a lot. The teachers are also very kind and friendly. The explanation the teachers provided helped me improve my grade greatly. When I needed some guidance with my homework, the teachers will return my messages with a detailed explanation of the solution. The notes and worksheets consist of different types of questions that prepared me for my O Levels. The worksheets also have different levels of questions so I can start slowly and then in the end able to solve the tough questions. I want to thank my teachers for everything they have done for me. '- Yang Yeo : AMath (A1), Chemistry (A2)

'The teacher is very kind, helpful and thoughtful. He gave us many worksheets, notes and extra papers to help us improve our respective subject. SmartLab has helped me to become more confident while solving problems and helped me to become more confident to face the many problems. The notes and worksheets are very helpful as the worksheets are more challenging and they helped me to think more. The notes are very clear and they help me to understand more about the topics. Thank you teacher for your help.'- Jane Leow Jie Yi : AMath (A2)

'Smartlab teachers are excellent and dedicated. They stressed on understanding key concepts and formulas rather than mere memorization and as a consequence it increased my ability to apply concepts well when faced with foreign questions. The extra notes they supplied for practice has helped me greatly. These worksheets allowed me to familiarize with alien topics. I would like to say thank you to the devoted teachers who willingly extended their help way past lesson time just so that I can clarify all doubts. Their efforts were pivotal in helping me secure an A1 and I am extremely grateful for their constant support.'- Caiying Seah : Biology (A1), Physics (A1), AMath (A1)

'The teachers are very helpful and caring. They guided me by helping me recognize the topics I was weak in and helped me improve in those areas. Ms Ooi also arranged many consultation sessions which helped me clarify my doubts. SmartLab also helped me realize the importance of being precise in my answering, which also helped me in other subjects. The notes provided by SmartLab are very detailed. Similarly, the worksheets handed out provided more than enough examples which benefited me greatly. They are better compared to school provided notes. Ms Ooi, thank you for helping me get an A1 for Physics! Without your help, this would have been nearly impossible. '- Sim Yee Ling : Physics (A1)

'Smartlab teachers are very informative and made lessons easy to absorb as well as interesting. My teacher also linked some topics to Biology which helped me to study biology easier because it was easy to link what I have studied for Chemistry to Biology. Notes are very detailed with many examples which helped me to understand the topics better. The wide range of questions in the worksheets prepared me to solve difficult questions that could be tested. Thank you very much for making me not lose hope in Chemistry and allowing me to do well in my O Levels!'- Darren Chang : Chemistry (A2)

'My teacher is very helpful and taught the subject well. Her teaching has helped me to understand the subject better and learn quickly. She answered all my doubts and re-visited the chapters I am less familiar with. As a result, I gained more confidence in Math and enjoy learning more as I could. The worksheets and notes have different types of questions and very detailed, which helped me to understand more as I read through and work on it. Whenever I had doubts. I would refer back to the notes for references. I would like to thank my tutor for teaching me and helping me to understand a lot and scoring A2 for my O Levels EMath. Without her, I probably would not have gotten an A. Thank you. '- Toh Hong Hun : EMath (A2)

'My teacher is very helpful and cares a lot about our learning. The teachers go extra mile to ensure that we understand the concepts and that we have ample practice. They spend extra time teaching us and preparing us well for our exams and ensuring that our hard work pays off. SmartLab has helped me academically and has also prepared me for my future life after school. My teacher also gave us advice that would help us in the future, to prepare us for working life. The notes and worksheets challenged me to think further and deepen my understanding of the topic. They also reinforced important concepts and ensure that my foundation in the topic is strong. I want to thank my teacher who has guided me along my O level journey. Thank you for all the effort, time and patience that you have put in and without your help, I would not have achieved what I have now. '- Seraphina De Souza : AMath (A1)

'My teacher was very kind. I was often lost or extremely confused but he was willing to give extra practices and coaching in order to ensure I understand the subject well. I believe SmartLab helped me feel a bit more confident in myself as I felt like I may still be able to achieve a bright future one day. The worksheets given really cater to my levels of understanding of the topic. The different levels of difficulty also helped slowly build my understanding. Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort in teaching me. '- Siti Soleha Bte Zaharudin : English (A1)

'My Biology teacher, Ms. Kok is very patient in explaining the various concepts and terms to us. In class, she personally asks us whether we understand. She is always willing to go the extra mile to answer our questions through WhatsApp before exams. SmartLab has helped me to understand Biology concepts better by exposing us to various questions and even explaining terms out of the syllabus. Even though some concepts are out of the syllabus and were in fact from A-levels syllabus, they were vital and crucial in helping the students understand better. The worksheets provided include all kinds of questions with all sorts of difficulty level. This definitely helped to expose the students and through practice, drilled them and made them excel in exams as they no longer had to face the exam questions with fear. I would like to say a very big thank you to Ms. Kok for answering so many of my Biology questions through WhatsApp and even calling me up to explain to me when I did not get her explanation through text.'- Estelle Ho Jia Hui : Biology (A1)

'Mr. Jeffrey continuously asked me if I had any doubt about Combined Science Physics. If I had doubts or questions, he would either offer an extra lesson or tell me via WhatsApp. This helped me overcome my shyness in class and asked questions when I was in doubt. In that aspect, SmartLab taught me to be bold. The notes and worksheet are simple and easy to understand. There are also revision questions in some of the notes which are even better. I want to say thank you to the teachers who did not give up on me and stick with me throughout the whole year. '- Lai John Kenneth : CS Physics (A2)

'Smartlab have helped me tremendously in my AMaths in my understanding of the topics. Smartlab's teachers are very professional and focused when conducting their lessons. They make sure no one is left behind. The notes are very comprehensive and detailed. Smartlab is never short on notes to give as well, so everyone has more than enough resources to study. Thank you teacher for pulling my grades from a C5 during the mid year to an A1 for O Level.'- Benjamin Tan Han Xian : AMath (A1) Beatty Secondary School

'The tuition environment is good as the friends in SmartLab are quite approachable. The SmartLab teachers are very helpful and are willing to answer our questions outside of class time. SmartLab notes are very detailed and resourceful. The worksheets are of an adequate difficulty. They helped me in my revision. I would like to Thank Mr. Vincent for encouraging me and giving us extra notes to guide our understanding. You are a great teacher! Thank you Ms. Karen for helping me and being so cheerful during every lesson time. Thank you Mr. Tan for yours enriching notes and worksheets.'- Wan Xin Mei : Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2) CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School

'I have made new friends and study buddies. We have lots of fun and laughter during lesson which made learning in class so enjoyable. We are able to learn from one another as well, both academically and non-academically. SmartLab teachers are very helpful and kind. They are always more than willing to stay back and help students on the questions that they are unsure about. They always invest a lot of their time on their students. The notes and worksheets are very informative and easy to revise as they are organized. They enable me to revise more efficiently and effectively. Mr Tan, Thank you for the hard work you have put in teaching me! Thank you for the extra worksheets you gave me weekly! You are an awesome teacher! Mr Vincent, Thank you for all you have done for me! Sorry that I didn't meet your expectation but I did my best! I will continue to work hard during JC and do you proud. Thank you so much!'- Juline Han : AMath (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2) CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School

'I believe that SmartLab has helped me to think more critically and aroused my interest in my subject. The teachers are very knowledgeable and were able to respond to my queries about the subject clearly. They were fairly helpful as they provided me with more learning materials to look through before the O Levels. I would like to say thanks a lot for being so helpful and patient when I needed help.'- Billy Neo Chee Heng : English (A1) Mari Stella High School

'SmartLab helps me in understanding the more difficult concepts in Physics and Chemistry example Magnetism in Physics and Electrolysis in Chemistry. For Biology, exposure to different questions and twisting of concepts. The teachers give lots of revisions, mostly from other schools preliminary papers leading up to the exam. They also constantly ask questions in class to check on our understandings. Notes and worksheets offer more detailed information as compared to typical school notes and textbooks. This allow greater understanding in some of the more difficult to understand or explain parts, such as how a generator or motor work. Thank you teachers for the constant effort and hard work put in to ensure that there is complete understanding from me.'- Darren Koh : Physics (A1), Chemistry (A1), Biology (A1) St. Gabriel Secondary

'SmartLab has provided me with a lot of practices that help me to maintain my momentum throughout the year. The teachers are very friendly and approachable which help to create a comfortable learning environment. They provide sufficient practices and are always ready to answer my queries. Notes and worksheets in SmartLab cover a wide range of questions to prepare me for any unexpected questions. Thank you teachers for your constant support and giving me enough notes and worksheets to help me recap all that I have learnt. Thank you Mr. Soh and Ms. Kin. '- Rachel See : AMath (A2), Chemistry (A2), EMath (A1) Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary

'My teacher teaches well. She goes step by step, ensuring that I understand. Notes and worksheets are fine. I refer to them sometimes to recall the methods used to solve the problems.'- Kelly Chin : AMath (A2) Chung Cheng High Main

'SmartLab helps by giving me sufficient questions/exercises so as to familiarise myself with all the topics and by giving me extremely detailed notes which aided in my revisions. My teacher helped to drill the fundamentals of all Physics concepts in me as well as to clarify my doubts. He is very dedicated and willing to help me beyond the lesson time. Notes and worksheets are very informative and detailed, so I can refer to them anytime while doing work. I would like to say thank you to him for being very concerned and patient with me and always looking for different ways to help me better understand the subject.'- Koh Jie Yi : Physics (A1) Cedar Girls Secondary

'SmartLab tuition can be fun sometimes as well which helps you to loosen up and at the same time, understand and learn better. Teachers are very good. They know what they are doing and they are very knowledgeable. They teach me what I needed to know. The notes are very good. I always use the notes, hardly touched my textbooks. Everything I need to know is in the notes. The worksheets help to make sure I am keeping up with the lesson. Thank you very much, Teachers! I appreciate all that you have done for me.'- Bryan Khoo : Physics (A2), Chemistry (A1), Biology (B3) St. Gabriel Secondary

'I would really like to sincerely thank all of the SmartLab teachers for their dedication and hard work in helping me excel in Olevels. After attending their lessons, it gives me the confidence and excitement rather, to tackle Olevels. Firstly, the notes SmartLab gives are comprehensive and concise. The advanced notes SmartLab compiled crucial points from the topics for students to revise with ease. It is definitely more useful as my textbook have some redundant information (for exams). The practice papers Smartlab gave are also challenging and also (to me) interesting as it gives me a new outlook of the chapter as the chapter may not be as simple as it may seem. Surprisingly, they also provide practical sessions to prepare students for SPA (Science Practical Exams) [which makes up 20% of the grades]. The practical conducted are relevant and helpful. It supplements the school SPA practices and prevents you from being nervous about the procedures in the actual SPA exams. The teachers there have a burning passion for teaching, and never fail to inspire us to do well. All of the SmartLab teachers that taught me are willing to spend time after lesson to clarify my doubts and answer all of the questions I may have with my school work. They are also not stingy in giving out exam papers, and gave us countless papers for ample practice. The teachers in SmartLab are not only professional, but also friendly and approachable, which makes learning in SmartLab more enjoyable. They build my confidence in my subjects so much so that I changed from an empty vessel waiting to be filled (with info) to a passionate soul yearning and excited to learn more. The small classes ensure that the students receive undivided attention from the teachers, unlike the large classrooms in the school. Lastly, I would like to(once again) thank all the teachers who taught me before, namely, Mr. Chandra, Ms Hazel, Mr. Tan, Mr. Soh, Ms Kok, Ms Ooi, Mr Lee (So many hahah). Without these awesome teachers, it would be literally impossible for me to ace my exams'- Irvin Ting : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'Many thanks to Smartlab, especially Mr Vincent, for never giving up on me and helping me to improve my grades from C5 in Pure Physics at the end of Sec 3 to A1 in Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry) at the "O" Levels. The notes that Smartlab are clear and concise, with many practice exercises to practice what we have learnt. Mr Vincent is inspirational, patient, humorous, friendly and knowledgeable, and without his guidance, I doubt I would have made it this far. Thanks Smartlab!'- Aaron Lim : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'hi everyone ! i would like to said a big thank you to all my teachers that had tutor me in woodlands smartlab especially Mr tan Pang Hua , Miss ooi hooi hean and mr soh thin long . They are very friendly to me and treat me as a friends rather then a student here. i had been in smartlab a lot of years since i was primary five until i took my o lvl , it really improved me a lot . My math from F9 to A1 and my science too! Mr Tan, my math teacher even took the extra mile to give me extra lesson for me although he is sick also. Moreover, Miss ooi hooi hean also very good to me ! she is definitely a good teacher that i had ! i remember before my o lvl science starts, she also took extra mile to email me all the science past year papers for me to try on. she is very understanding and caring teacher. Mr soh also good to me in answering all my doubts that i dont know in chemistry. He gave me tips on my science practical in how to do well for my examination. Their science laboratory really superb ! its my first time having a science tuition with inclusive of science practical ! The science practical definitely is a well knowledgeable experience for me! their efforts had paid off in teaching me and my efforts paid off too as i did well in my science and my math !'- Jerrine Tan : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'Million thanks to smartlab tuition centre for improving my grades within a year. My A maths results improved from D7 to A1 within 3 months. Teachers, especially Mr Tan, were willing to stay back after lessons to give me extra lessons to brush up on the areas that I am weak in. Smartlab provides many practice papers of different difficulty, enabling me to practice on a large variety of questions. One of the teacher, Miss Ooi, always boost my confidence by telling me that I can make it, making me believe in myself. The staff, Aunty Zubaidah, is also very friendly, always smiling and reminding students of their tuition dates. Thank you smartlab for allowing me to handle o level and to achieve my desired results.'- Estelle Chua Kai Jin : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'I would Like to say a VERY big THANK YOU to Mr Lee who helped me in improving my Physics grade from C6 till an A2 in O levels! He's really the best physics teacher i can ever get'- Jerry Tan Yi Jie : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'Teachers, thanks a lot for helping me achieve results that I am happy with a B3 for my chemistry and an A2 for my physics. I am really grateful to the both of you for pulling up my results from a C6 to a B3 and an A2 for chemistry and physics respectively. Even though I have only been here for 2 years unlike some of the others I am able to feel the seriousness in your teaching and the responsibility as a teacher even if it means staying back to answer the students questions and also during your free time to answer our enquiries. You never failed in answering our questions and you make sure that we understand them fully even though I may be rowdy at times during lessons I am grateful for your patience and understanding and lastly a big thank you to both my amazing teachers and Smartlab. Even though the teacher who built my foundation is no longer around I am still grateful to her for helping me to the stage where I could get this result and she was the type of teacher that would always clarify our questions and give us additional questions in return to what we ask in order to make us understand and she is always more then happy for us to come earlier to ask questions or stay back to ask if we couldn't come early so a big thank you to her as well even though she left thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a great teacher thank you'- Yong Woon Yap : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'Thank you SmartLab for helping me to achieve good results for Chemistry by addressing all my misconceptions clearly and quickly. My teacher, Mr Chong, was very hardworking and caring, constantly posing many challenging questions to improve our understanding. I had a great experience with this tuition centre and it has really assisted me with teachers who are attentive to my needs. They even provided extra lessons for me to patch up on topics I am less confident about. The friendly teachers are dedicated, putting in lots of effort to help their students. Once again, a very big thank you to SmartLab!'- Ashley : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'Smartlab has been a great help for my physics and has helped me to score an A1 in the recent O level exam. All the worksheets and notes provided have been a great source of help for my learning and revision too. Thank you smartlab.'- Joshua Tan : Extracted from our Facebook page (written by our student)

'SmartLab has helped me grow an interest in Biology. The teachers at Smartlab were very patient and made sure that every topic or chapter was clear for all the students before continuing onto the next chapter. The notes were extremely detailed and the homework given by the teachers were challenging. Thank you to all the teachers that have taught me. Thanks for guiding me. Being at Smartlab was a fun experience. '- Jerryl Sim : AMath (A1), EMath (A2), Biology (A2), CSPhysics (A1), CSChemistry (A1)

'Smartlab has helped me improve my grades. The teachers are very helpful. They will ask the class if they have questions and if so, they will try their best to help. The notes and worksheets are very useful and informative! It makes revising for the exams easy. To all my teachers, thank you very much helping me! Your teaching has helped me improve a lot. Thanks especially to my chemistry teacher because I have improved a lot.'- Nicklaus Ong Jing Xue : AMath (A1), EMath (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2), English (B3)

'Smartlab provided committed and knowledgeable teachers and helped me to be more confident, conscientious and committed to my studies. The teachers are good, committed, well-equipped, influential, inspiring and caring. The notes are good. The worksheets allowed me to be confident and well-equipped for my exams. Thanks for your help and unwavering faith in me. '- James Yong : AMath (A1), Biology (A1), Physics (A1), Chemistry (A1)

'Smartlab has helped me in various ways, for example, being more outspoken in class and voicing my own opinion. The teachers here are great as they really go the extra mile to guide and support me throughout these three years. I definitely wouldn't have done it without their help. The notes and worksheets are great as teachers provide detailed and extensive descriptions to guide us. I want to thank my teachers for all the encouragement and support they have provided for me. Sometimes, it includes even offering extra lessons at the last minute. I would never forget my learning experience here at Smartlab.'- Natasha Ang : AMath (A2), EMath (A2), Biology (B3), Chemistry (B3)

'Smartlab made me interested in Physics and Biology. The teachers here are good, engaging and they know how to make the subject interesting. The notes are good. The worksheets offer a lot of practice and have a lot of challenging questions. Thank you for your hard work and guidance. Miss Jac, it was fun learning from you. Not many teachers can accomplish being fun while actually teaching.'- Woo Shi Xiang : EMath (A2), Physics (B3), CSBiology (A1), CSChemistry (A1)

'Smartlab has helped me deepen my interest in chemistry and cleared all my doubts. The teachers are helpful and patient in explaining concepts over and over again. Worksheets are very helpful as it contains many examples and extra information. Thank you Mr Tan, you have helped me understand chemistry a lot better and made me want to further pursue chemistry in JC.'- Nicolette Tan : Chemistry (A1)

'In the psychological aspect by building up my confidence. The teachers have mostly helped me in each topic and worksheets are quite good, it was quite meticulous and detailed, and very diversified. Ms Ooi, thank you very much for your undying attention to improve my grades!!'- Teo Jun Jie : Physics (A2)

'Smartlab has nurtured my interest and passion in science. The teachers are passionate about teaching and have helped me greatly. Notes provide a good summary of the topic. Thank you very much for believing in me always! Miss Ooi, Thank you for your help. Thanks for those extra lessons as well as for patiently guiding me. Mr Tan, Thank you for helping me out when I am unsure.'- Annabel Ng : Physics (A1), Chemistry (A2)

'SmartLab prepared me well for my paper. It gave me confidence. In addition, it taught me how to study smart for exams and get the best learning experience out of it. The teachers are very helpful. They gave ample worksheets and papers so that we had enough revision. The notes and worksheets helped because they are detailed and elaborate.'- Cheng Jun Fei : Chemistry (A2)

'I believe that Smartlab has provided me with a valuable understanding of chemistry. The well-elaborated notes really provided a better understanding in the more different topics like organic chemistry. The teacher is especially helpful by being willing to stay back to answer our questions. The teacher constantly gave us practices to do, which eventually, helped me to tackle questions in the O Levels. Also, the teacher encouraged quick practice. Finally, the teacher is kind and helpful at times, even switching our tuition lessons to accommodate us. The notes are extremely beneficial and were very helpful especially towards the nearing of the exams. The elaborated notes and worksheets provided quick understanding and even contained sample questions to help us master our basics. Thank you for your guidance throughout the period I had studied in Smartlab. Without your help, I would never have imagined myself getting a distinction for Chemistry in my O Levels.'- Heng Yu Jie : Chemistry (A2)

'SmartLab has helped me prepare mentally for the exam hence I did not feel nervous during the A Maths paper. My teacher guided me patiently. Other than the normal tuition lessons, the teacher also gave me extra tutoring. The notes are detailed and most questions are tested. Thanks my teacher for everything!'- Gilian Tong : AMath (A2)

'SmartLab has let me make friends from other schools with the same interests! Be it music or NCC. The teachers are friendly and are willing to guide you in any way possible. Be it the subject they teach or other areas. The notes and worksheets given are neatly organised. In addition, there will be mounts of work when the exams are near to entertain you. Thank you Mr Tan Pang Hua and Ms Madeline for constantly putting up with my nonsense! Mr Soh Thin Long, you have also played a big part in my improvement in Chemistry as well!!!'- Ryan Yeo Shao Hong : Emath (A2), Physics (B3), Chemistry (B3)

'SmartLab helped me in my Maths. Generally i was an average student for Maths both AM and EM but they have helped me retained interest in the subject such that i do not get sick of revision. The teachers are very approachable and they simplify the concept such that it is very easy to grasp and also give the students a positive mindset. The notes given are very detailed, point by point notes that provide vital info such that there is no excessive information yet the main point is captured. I like to thank my teachers for their guidance and support. In addition. I also like to thank them for their patience.'- Muhammad Asyraf Bin Sukor : English (A2), AMath (A2), EMath (A1), Physics (B3), Chemistry (B3)

'SmartLab improve my thinking skills so I could think out of the box and provides ample resources so I am well prepared for the examinations. Our teachers are very approachable and willing to help. The teachers also provide us with ample amt of resources to ensure we really understand the subjects. The notes are very detailed which provides us extra information and they also provide us a lot of worksheets such that we can understand the topics better. I would like to thank all my teachers for coaching me throughout my Secondary 3 & 4. I will want to sincerely show my appreciation to my teachers!'- Wellace Leong : Amath (A2), EMath (A2), Biology (A2)

'I think weekly tuition at Smartlab has helped. We reinforce the information and details of the topics. This helped me to revise the correct important parts of the topic as well. The teachers are approachable and they clarified our doubts and ensured we were confident about the topics. The notes are very helpful and helped me to add extra information to my own perusal notes. I would like to all my teachers for all your help and support. Never could have achieved such good results without your guidance.'- Amira M. Nasuhar : Amath (A2), EMath (A2), Biology (A2), Chemistry (A2)

'Some of the notes gave extra information out of the syllabus and it may help in school exams. The teachers are friendly and caring. They make sure we understand the concept before moving on to the next. The notes are very helpful in understanding basic concepts and are organised in a way that the topic is easier to comprehend. I would like to thank my teachers for your guidance and support.'- Dian M. Nasuhar : Amath (A2), EMath (A2), Biology (A1), Chemistry (A2)

'The teachers are very good and will explain some of the more difficult concepts that I do not know. The notes and worksheets are very comprehensive and concise. The notes are often accompanied with explanations and diagrams that help me with my understanding. The worksheets enforce the theories and keep them in my head. I just want to say thanks to all my Smartlab teachers from Secondary 1 to 4 because without their guidance and support, my Science would not be as good as it is now.'- Lewis Huang : CSPhysics (A1), CSChemistry (A1)

'Receiving tuition in SmartLab has definitely been beneficial. I learnt numerous answering techniques and how to tackle difficult math questions which were useful to me. Teachers were helpful and answered my questions patiently. They guided me through my work and allowed me to grasp concepts well. Notes were detailed. Certain notes definitely were of good use to me but I presented using my own notes. Thanks all my teachers for helping me and guiding me along. My grades did improve along the way and I am rather satisfied with my O level results.'- Mavis Yong : English (A2), Amath (B3), EMath (A2), Chemistry (A2), Biology (A2)

'SmartLab helps in providing extremely informative notes and good guidance by teachers. Ms Kin Peishan and Mr Eng Chuan have been very encouraging and willing to help me when I encounter any difficulty. The materials given are informative with a lot of pointers and notes and they help me during last minute preparation. Thank you very much with helping me with my work and your support keeps me going when I feel stressed.'- Too Karl Ann : AMath (B3), EMath (A2), Chemistry (B3)

'It helps me to be more consistent with the proper filing of my work. The teachers are patient and nice. Answers all my questions fast.'- Joel Wong Sze Jia : Amath (A1)

'SmartLab helps me to be more consistent with the proper filing of my work. The teachers are very understanding and they help to answer all of our questions. The notes are helpful. I could apply it to most of the problems I face in school. Thanks all my teachers for being so understanding and I am really happy to have you as my tutor.'- Charmaine Lee : AMath (B3), EMath (A2), CSChemistry (A2), CSBiology (A2)

'The good and helpful teachers in Smartlab, especially the Maths and Chemistry teachers.'- Ong Kai Quan : Chemistry (A2)

'I gain confidence and be daring to ask. Take initiative.'- Lim Yi Ying : Emaths (A2)

'The teachers in smartlab really helped me a lot.'- Cheam Xiao En : Emaths (A1), Amaths (A1), English (A2)

'SmartLab teachers are there to clear doubts, encouraging and they take the effort to prepare students for tests.. Notes given are clear and good for revision.'- Sheryl Long Shi Xuan : Emaths (A1), Amaths (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2)

'Smartlab tuition has allowed me to understand the formulas and the subject rather than just memorising.'- Cedric Tao : Amaths (A2), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A1)

'SmartLab tuition notes are excellent study aides and the teachers helped me understand my subject better. Miss Karen, thank You for being so patient when tutoring me, helping me to achieve my A1 grade for chemistry during the O Level. To the other teachers, thanks for putting in so much effort in teaching me.'- Benjamin Chin : Chem (A1), Physics (A2), Bio (A1), EMaths (A1) Catholic High

'Teachers are very good and patient in explaining the answers to me. The teachers' support has helped me through countless obstacles I faces with all the tough past year O Level questions.'- Iris Ting Siew Tieng : Chem (A2), Physics (A1), Biology (A1) Kuo Chuan Pres

'SmartLab guided me to have good time management in my studies and had made me think deeper when approaching a difficult question in test/exam. Thanks the teachers for all the time through guiding me in the areas I am weak in.'- Nur Afiqah : CSChem (A2), CSPhysics (A2)

'Smartlab helped built my confidence and made me more discipline in my studies, I could not have done it without the teachers here.'- John Zhang : CSChem (A1), CSPhysics (A1) Bishan Park Sec

'Parent said : Smartlab has done a great job to guide my child in preparation for the O Level exam. Have confident in the children and the tuition centre as most of the tutors are responsible teachers.'- Calvin Lee : Chem (B3), English (B3) Riverside Sec

'Smartlab teachers have guided me on how to tackle O level questions intelligently and helped me achieve A2 for my sciences.'- Namreena Bharat Samtani : CSBiology (A2), CSPhysics (A2) TKGS

'The teachers have paid a lot of attention to us, as well as, helped to boost our confidence.'- Farah Amira Abdul Majid : Biology (A1), Chemistry (A2) St. Anthony Canossian Sec School

'The tutors at Smartlab, especially Mr. Soh and Miss Hazel, were very helpful and good. They provided questions and many practice papers which helped to boost my confidence.'- Alfred Teo : CSChemistry (A1), AMaths (B3) Pei Hwa Secondary School

'The method of teaching by Miss Hazel is very effective for me. Before I joined Smartlab, I did not understand how some formulae work. With Miss Hazel, if you don't understand, she will explain it by telling us how you will not be able to derive the answer if you don't make use of the formula. Understanding the formulae instead of just memorising really helps in my study for A Math.'- Ng Zhi Jian : AMaths (A2), CS Chem (A1), CS Phy (A1) Bowen Secondary School

'I have made some friends and gain more confidence in myself.'- Tan Wei Lin : Chemistry (A1) PLMGS

'The Cambridge papers and marking schemes provided were very helpful. Smartlab notes are very helpful too. The extra lessons gave me ample revision opportunity too.'- Klaryce Lim : Biology (A2) Nan Chiau High School

'SmartLab provides exposure to different types of questions and gave a lot of useful practice.'- Albert Yeoh : CSChemistry (A1) Riverside Secondary School

'Teachers are helpful.'- Sharon Chan : AMaths (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2) CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls

'SmartLab has made me a more disciplined person and made me realise that if you want to achieve something hard work is a must.'- Muhd Herman : CSChemistry (A2), CSPhysics (A2)

'I believe that SmartLab had helped me to achieve greater heights not just academically but also morally. It has also provided emotions support. Their teachers are not only outstanding but friendly as well and simply fantastic! '- Jacob Ng : Chemistry (A1), Physics (A1) Anderson Sec

'It has helped me build my self confidence as I am able to cope better with the transition period from Sec 2 to Sec 3 because SmartLab starts tuition classes early, thus helping me cope better with the change in subjects and excel on it.'- Farah Hoo : E Maths, Chem, Physics (A2) Kuo Chuan Presbyterian

'Teachers are helpful. They allow students to ask questions and encourage more interaction. They helped me to participate more in class. Good environment so I gained friends. '- Tan Wee Yang : A Maths (A2) Mayflower Sec

Adiba joined Smartlab Education to study E Math, A Math, Chemistry, Biology and Physics for her O-Levels. At Smartlab, Adiba was given the opportunity to grow academically with dedicated tutors, free consultation as well as laboratory experiments designed to expand on her knowledge of science and be in line with Cambridge University's current syllabus. Smartlab's help, coupled with Adiba's good studying attitude and passion for learning, as recognised by all who had taught her, led to her scoring A1s for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, E Math and A Math in the O-Levels, both exceptional results for an exceptional student.

A Level (More Testimonials with Photos here)

'I think SmartLab has really improved my self-confidence in dealing with challenging situations. They have always been motivating. The teachers were very patient and knowledgeable. They were always willing to spend time outside lesson time to clarify my doubts. They also used various teaching methods, such as the use of videos and PowerPoint slides. Notes were always more detailed than the ones from my school. SmartLab's worksheets are rather challenging and this really helps students to think out of the box and to tackle questions that are unusual. I want to thank them for always believing that I can do well and for their never-ending patience whenever they had to explain concepts repeatedly.'- Cheng Yui Juin : Chemistry (B), Physics (B) Catholic Junior College

'SmartLab has taught me skills to analyse the question type and to be able to apply the methods respectively to the different type of questions. The teachers are well prepared for lesson and are able to help solve and clear all the doubts that we raised during the lesson time. They give great guidance on how to attempt and solve the different type of questions. The notes are of sufficient information and sometimes additional information is given to let us lean and understand more about the topic. Topical notes are useful for the revision of weaker topics during exam period. Thank you so much for the great guidance, effort and time you all have placed to teach us and clear the doubts that we have.'- Cheung Yuet Ting : Chemistry (B), Maths (A) National Junior College

'SmartLab taught me to think out of the box when looking for a situation and this can be applied to various aspects of life I guess. The teachers are simply excellent, it's clear that SmartLab only hires the best. Especially, Mr Vincent, who always stayed back as long as it took to clear all my doubts and queries. Physics notes are comprehensive and useful. Prefer them to my school notes. It would be better if Chemistry notes didn't have all the answers printed out so that it will be better for practice.'- K Guru Prasanth : Chemistry (B), Physics (A) National Junior College

'Tony has guided and encouraged me through the times when I didn't do well. Both the moral support and quality teaching are both present.'- Wong Li Ling : Chemistry (A), Maths (B) Serangoon Junior College

'SmartLab has helped to boost my confidence and allow me to master all the subjects well. '- Lee Kian Hwee : Chemistry (A) National Junior College

'SmartLab has given me more practice on the challenging question. The teachers are knowledgeable and approachable.'- Jonathan Chow : Chemistry (A), Maths (B) Nanyang Junior College

'SmartLab helps me to solidify my foundation in the sciences; and developed my ability to think critically.'- Tok Ming Da : Chemistry (A), Physics (A) Jurong Junior College

'Mr. Vincent has always been a very dedicated and experienced teacher. He offers to conduct make-up lessons for students who miss lessons, so that we are able to catch up with the pace. In addition, Mr.Vincent never fails to attend to our numerous queries before, during and after lessons with much patience. SmartLab not only offered me opportunities to mingle and make friends from other schools, it also provided me with a comfortable classroom setting to enhance my learning experience. Moreover, SmartLab's notes and worksheet are effectively organized and they cover extensively with regards to the syllabus, which allow for in-depth revision, especially helpful before examination. Thank you Mr. Vincent! I definitely would not have achieved an A in Physics without your guidance and support. I hope I did you proud and I wish you all the best for your future, Mr. Vincent. '- Han Xiao Hui, Juline : Physics (A) Hwa Chong Institution (School)

'Mr. Jeffery and Mr. Tan Pang Hua are very patient and they will go the extra mile to coach their students. They will sit down with you and go through each and every question with you personally. I really admire his patience! Mr. Vincent Lee is very knowledgeable. He is able to teach in a very straightforward and concise manner such that you will understand what he is talking about on the first time. He is also very dedicated to teaching physics and I respect him for that. SmartLab has taught me the importance of questioning things, to delve into knowledge that is beyond the syllabus. SmartLab has definitely toned my self-discipline and self-motivation to do well for my studies. SmartLab's notes are very comprehensive and detailed. And there is definitely no shortage of notes that the teacher can give me! Mr. Tan Pang Hua, thank you for your guidance in teaching me Math. Mr. Jeffery, thank you so much for strengthening my foundation in math. Mr. Vincent Lee, thank you so much for being so committed. I thought I was done for Physics but you have really helped me to pull through!'- Benjamin Tan : Maths (A), Physics (B) Nanyang JC

'Mr. Tan and Mr. Vincent were extremely helpful and patient in teaching me. They went the extra mile to educate me on the concepts and clarifies any doubt I had. The lab apparatus has helped me better understand the science concepts and made me more interested in the subject. The notes and worksheets are comprehensive and well-designed. It deepened my understanding of the subject. It helped me to remember the key concepts of each chapter. To the two teachers who have helped me in my studies, thank you for the time and effort you have spent in helping me improve on my Physics and Math grades. Thanks for the patient for trying your best to help me, even after the class hour. This include answering my doubts through messages. I could not have performed this well without you all. All the best for your future endeavors. '- Yen Chao Jun Daniel : Maths (A), Physics (B) Tampines JC

'Mr. Tan is patient and understanding. He explains at a pace suitable for students (slow for me) so that we can understand the content well. He also provides ample practice (more than enough) for us to tackle difficult questions. Moreover, there are extra consultation that I can go for to ask other questions about the topic. The notes highlights almost all of possible questions that would come out in tests or exams. The worksheets are quite challenging and it enables me to better understand the topic. Thank you for all the time you have spent trying to help me improve my Math, even outside class time. Thank you for being so friendly and approachable and providing consultation timings to help us excel in Math. '- Irvin Ting : Maths (A) SRJC

'SmartLab has a very conducive environment and teachers that encourage us to speak up and discuss pertinent issues without any judgement. The teachers are great and they never fail to encourage us and went beyond their means to provide us with additional information. Learning was not restricted to the mere 2 hours during lessons but also from emails and whatsapp messengers that allowed us to reach them to verify our queries. The notes and worksheets are concise and informative. What I feel is the most beneficial were the loads of exercises that were handed to us as these additional practises and loads of questions gave us more exposure. All that is said I have already said. To Mr Tan and Mr Ong, thank you! Although a mere thank you cannot really express my utmost gratitude towards both of you. I really sincerely thank you two for all the guidance and support. '- Chong Chung Chi : GP (A), Chemistry (A) Raffles Institution

'I enjoyed the close interactions between the students and teachers in class, especially on days where the class size are smaller. The persistent checks done by the teachers on our progress in class is also appreciated to ensure that our doubts are clarified. I believe that Smartlab has allowed me to be more open about acknowledging my lapses in learning & clarifying them immediately. Summaries are especially useful for quick recaps before the exams. Big thanks to Mr Tony Tan (Chemistry) and Mr Tan Pang Hua (Math) for never giving up on me. Glad I could do you proud! '- Liau Wen Rui : Maths (A), Chemistry (A) Victoria Junior College

'Teachers are patient and willing to help. SmartLab has help me in understanding of many key concepts that are not clear when being taught in school. Studying techniques that I preciously did not have were taught to me for effective tackling of exam questions. Notes are concise and summarise key concepts which speeds up revision process. Worksheets expose to me to tougher questions to enhance and deepen my thinking depth. Thank you to all of them for their patience and guidance. In addition, their effort and hard work spent in helping me to cope with my results that are poor since the start of my JC life. They taught me a lot in studying techniques and additional wide range of questions provided to expose me to deeper questions. '- Ow Jie Ying : Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (B) Temasek Junior College

'I had difficulty grasping concepts initially due to weak foundation, however, my physics tutor was patient and explained them to me with great clarity. He was also extremely helpful and offered me out-of-class assistance such as staying back after class and answering my questions over whatsapp. The classes and materials given by Smartlab provided me with the intensity and rigor that I require to get my eventual A for physics. Questions in the notes were classified by concepts which allowed me to identify question types and apply what I have learnt accordingly. Notes were highly relevant and allowed me to understand better what was taught in school. I want to say thank you to my physics tutor, Mr Vincent. He was also my physics tutor for O Levels and he was aided me in achieving my eventual A for the subject in both major examinations. '- Shermaine Ang : Physics (A) Raffles Institution

'The teacher is good. Patient. He helped to explain further and answered my questions patiently. He also stayed back to further explain. Smartlab has helped me to develop a passion in learning chemistry and to study beyond the syllabus. Notes and worksheets are comprehensive and in-depth, helping me to further understand the topic.'- Victor Tang : Chemistry (B) Anglo-Chinese JC

PSLE (More Testimonials with Photos here)

'The teachers have patience when they teach me. When I have some questions to ask, she would stay back with me to answer my questions. Apart from that, SmartLab has taught me how to solve math questions in an easier way. The explanations in the notes are clear and help me understand the question better when doing worksheet as well. I can also use them as notes when studying for exams. Lastly, I want to thank my teacher for their patience when teaching me and guiding me through these years.'- Jamie Ho YiXin : Math (B), Science (A) Rivervale Primary School

'The teachers teach well and let students have a chance to answer questions. SmartLab has also helped me get my discipline. In addition, their notes and worksheets are easy to understand and easy to remember. Lastly, I want to thank my teachers for helping me improve from a grade B to an A.'- Chrissylia Phua : Science (A) Ai Tong School

'The teachers are kind and understanding. The teachers pointed out my mistakes and provided clear explanations so I do not make the same mistakes again. They also help me when I encounter problems while doing my work. The notes provided are great so I can revise them before exams and I refer to them when I do not know how to answer a question in my worksheets. I want to thank the teachers for teaching me! I hope your guidance will help me even after I graduate.'- Ryan Mok : Science (A) Maris Stella High Primary

'As the PSLE was approaching, I felt panic & pressured. Smartlab catered to my every needs and provided useful notes. All these made me kept my cool and not worried during the exam. I want to thank Smartlab for the notes provided & my parents for not letting me start my tuition early. My advice to the upcoming students is that does not worry and just do your best.'- Jared Lee Jun Le : English (A)

'The teachers in SmartLab have patience while guiding students and they are approachable, allowing students to ask the teachers things that they are not sure of without fear. At the same time, the teachers taught me step by step to ensure that students understand their work. On top of that, the teachers' explanations were specific, allowing me to understand the concepts better. Extra classes conducted were also very helpful as we could learn more things which aid in our exams. Furthermore, SmartLab's notes and worksheet are very detailed, allowing me to understand the concept and therefore, it aided in my studies and exam. Lastly, I want to thank Ms Mitha for guiding me throughout the year and having patience while teaching me. Thank you for your time and effort.'- Lee Xin Ning Isbel : Math (A ) Hong Wen School

'Not only are my subject teachers warm and friendly, they explained our misconception. On top of that, SmartLab has helped me make new friends during lessons and give me confidence in my exams. I can also use their notes and worksheets for revision during exam. Thank you for aiding in my studies.'- Timothy Tan : English (A), Math (A), Science (A) Zheng Hua Primary School

'The teachers are very kind and they guide me well by teaching me new formulas to solve the problem. In additional, SmartLab has helped me to stay driven and achieve my dreams. Furthermore, the worksheets challenge me to think hard when attempting difficult math problems. I want to thank the teachers for guiding me in achieving a grade A for my Mathematics.'- Poh Jia Rong : Math (A) Qifa Primary School

'When I did not know how to do a certain question, my teacher explained the concepts to me patiently until I understand. The June holiday Intensive programme benefitted me. The simplified notes provided by SmartLab makes it easy for me to do my revision.'- Judith Tan : Math (A), Science (A) Nan Hua Primary School

'As PSLE was approaching, I felt pressured. The notes provided by Smartlab really helped in my study. They boosted our self-confidence and gave us motivation. I want to thank Smartlab for the help & my parents for giving me encouragement & motivation talk during my self-study.'- Liew Yu Jie Leroy : Science (A)

'SmartLab helped me to be hardworking person. The teachers help me to understand the concepts that I cannot understand. The notes and worksheets are easier to understand than the one which is given by the school.'- Joel Wang : English (A), Math (A), Science (A) Pei Chun Public School

'The teacher are patient and helpful. The notes are easy to understand.'- Xu Shaoyi : English (A), Science (A*) Fuhua Primary School

'My teacher is a very kind and understanding person. The notes are very helpful in my preparation for PSLE.'- Loh Xin Yi : Math (A) Kuo Chuan Presbyterian School

'Message from Umarul through whatsapp: Notes are very comprehensive. Variety of difficulty levels. My teacher guided me very well and gave me very good explanations. Also gave me 1 to1 lessons. Overall my teacher was a very dedicated one.'- Umarul Khair : Science (A*), English (A), Math (B)

'Everytime they teach something, they will make sure we truly understand before teaching other stuffs. When I am doing my homework, if there is questions that I do not know, I can refer to the notes and before my exam, I will look through them thoroughly so as to remember all the concepts. Without the teachers' patience and guidance, I would not had scored this well in PSLE.'- Christy Chong : Science (A) Hougang Primary

'The teachers gave me plenty of practices and advices. The notes and worksheets are very helpful and they have helped me to expect what would be tested during the exam.'- Louis Poh : Math (B), English (A) Holy Innocent Primary

'SmartLab has good revision notes which provides me with extra knowledge. The teacher makes sure I know something that I do not previously know.'- Max Yeo Chung Ji : Science (A) Yio Chu Kang Pri School

'SmartLab helps in keeping me to the right track if I slack off, giving me new method on memorizing ideas and techniques.'- B Praveen : Science (A)

'SmartLab helped me by guiding me and teaching me how to do the question. They have also taught me a fun way of discovering and learning stuff.'- Marcus Loh Wen-Jun : Science (A) Marcus Loh Wen-Jun

'SmartLab teacher is always available and very willing to help when help is needed.'- Jasmine Khoo Wei Ling : Science (A)

'The notes are very helpful. Tutors are also very patient.'- Scott Tay : English (A), Math (A), Science (A)

'The teachers are helpful and help me in questions I do not know.'- Julius Ho : English (A), Math (A), Science (A)

'They helped me developed my observation ability.'- Lee Yong Yee : English (A), Math (B), Science (A)

'In the number of practises, they have also made it interesting. SmartLab has also provided useful notes; I believe that they have also provided some usual tips. The teachers were also patient in teaching; we were also able to ask questions from external sources.'- Calvin The : English (A*), Math (A*), Science (A*)

'They helped me understand the topics more thoroughly. The teacher corrected my mistakes and made sure I did not repeat them again. She also went through the smartlab notes and allowed me to be better equipped in terms of comprehending the topics.'- Seah Caiying : Math (A), Science (A*)

'The lessons are interesting and the teacher has guided me along.'- Lim Hui Yi : English (B)

'SmartLab has helped me to never give up and to speak up.'- Ramyasrii : Math (A)

'SmartLab helped me understand Maths and English better.'- Mary Ratnam : English (A), Math (B)

'SmartLab teacher taught me more stuff than what I had learnt in school and explained to me again when I do not understand.'- Mok Shao bang Alfred : Science (A)

'The worksheets that Smartlab gives contain many questions that I do not find in the textbook. Also the teachers here are supportive and reward us when we do well.'- Daniel Koh : Science (A*)

'At Smartlab, the teachers were very encouraging to me which helped to boost my confidence going for PSLE exam.'- Toh Hong Hun : English (A), Math (B)

'Teachers are helpful.'- Nicholas Sim : Math (A), Science (A)

'It has helped me to pull my grades.'- Rachel Lam : Science (A)

'SmartLab has given me courage to ask question so I could correct my mistake.'- Jason Chee : Math (A)

'Other than helping me out in Science, I also learned to manage my time.'- Melvin Ting : Science (A)

'They helped me to be more disciplined.'- Zach Lee Geng-An : Math (B), Science (A)

'SmartLab has guided me in Science, and without the teacher's guidance, I would not have done well in my PSLE.'- Amira Mohamed Nasuhar : Science (A)

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