Science Enrichment Labs (Pri & Lower Sec)

These programmes aim to develop the students’ interest in Science through guided hands-on experiments. During the process, students will pick up scientific facts and concepts, and the principles of scientific discovery through experimentation. We have different packages for different age groups, ranging from primary to lower secondary levels.


Call 6363 2383 / Whatsapp 8296 5450
Email : 
Location : Bishan


Primary and Lower Sec:

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Package Experiments on:

Dates & Time

1 ($110/pkage)
at Bishan BLK 228
Matter (Volume & Density, 3 States of Matter, Light, Color and Heat and Sound) 30 Nov (thu)/ 2-4pm
2 ($110/pkage)
at Bishan BLK 228
Electricity (Parallel and Series Circuits, Fruit Batteries, Static Electricity, Making an electromagnet) 7 Dec (thu)/ 2-4pm
3 ($110/pkage)
at Bishan BLK 228
Our Body and The food we eat (Body systems and our sense organs, Cells and Food Test and test for Gases) 14 Dec (thu)/ 2-4pm
4 ($110/pkage)
at Bishan BLK 243
Electricity & Enzymes & Separation Techniques 5 Dec (tue)/ 2-4pm
5 ($110/pkage)
at Bishan BLK 243
Light & Respiration & Acids, Bases and Gas tests 12 Dec (tue)/ 2-4pm
6 ($110/pkage)
at Bishan BLK 243
Transfer of Heat & Food test and Drawing & Simple titration 19 Dec (tue)/ 2-4pm


'O' & 'A' Level Science Laboratory Preparation


For GCE 'O' Level - Fees Per Session : Pure / Combined Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) $180 - 1.5hrs

For GCE 'A' Level - Fees Per Session : Chemistry, Physics $240 - 1.5hrs

[Home-schoolers or other learning groups who need laboratory facilities can call us for customised arrangements.]


Call 6363 2383 / Whatsapp 8296 5450
Email : 
Venue of Lab : BLK 243 Bishan St 22 #B1-274


2018 Upcoming Lab Practical Schedule (March / June / Sept / Oct)

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