2017 O Level Exam Preparation Workshop


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1. Exam oriented; focusing on common questions and answering techniques to score high marks; including data analysis questions.
2. Cambridge marking scheme; teaching students how Cambridge marks questions and how to score for questions.
3. Common mistakes; common errors in answering questions will be highlighted to students.

Tel : 64877327
Email : intensiveclass@smartlab.com.sg
Location : Bishan BLK 228 Street 23

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Topical Revision : $150/lesson

Subject Lesson no Date & Timing Day Subjects/topics
Chemistry 1 3 Oct/6-9pm Tue Acids, Bases and Salts; Identification of Ions and gases; Stoichiometry
Chemistry 2 10 Oct/6-9pm Tue Redox; Periodic Table; Metals
Chemistry 3 17 Oct/6-9pm Tue Energy; Fuels; Organic Chemistry; Macromolecule
Physics 1 5 Oct/6-9pm Thu Kinematics; Addition of Forces
Physics 2 12 Oct/6-9pm Thu Pressure; General Wave Properties
Physics 3 19 Oct/6-9pm Thu Electromagnetic Induction
Biology 1 4 Oct/6-9pm Wed Cell division; Molecular genetics; Inheritance
Biology 2 11 Oct/6-9pm Wed Reproduction; Human transport
Biology 3 19 Oct/2-5pm Thu Nervous system, eyes; Homeostasis, hormones
EMath 1 6 Oct/2-5pm Fri Similarity and congruency; Vector; Number pattern
EMath 2 13 Oct/2-5pm Fri Further trigonometry (3D diagram); Measuration(volume, area, sector)
EMath 3 20 Oct/2-5pm Fri Number pattern; Polygon; Quadratic equation (problem sum)
AMath 1 6 Oct/6-9pm Fri Differentiation (rate of change); Integration (technique); Kinematics
AMath 2 13 Oct/6-9pm Fri Further trigonometry; Plane geometry
AMath 3 20 Oct/6-9pm Fri Logarithm; Modulus; Equation of circle



Papers Workshop : $150/lesson

Presentation on common mistakes by students
Common and challenging questions
Data analysis questions (Science)
Short Q&A session

Subject Workshop Day & Time
Emath Paper 1 Workshop 22 Oct (Sun)/2-5pm
Emath Paper 2 Workshop 23 Oct (Mon)/6-9pm
Amath Paper 1 Workshop 26 Oct (Thu)/6-9pm
Amath Paper 2 Workshop 30 Oct (Mon)/12-3pm
Chemistry Paper 2 Workshop 30 Oct (Mon)/3.30-6.30pm
Biology Paper 2 Workshop 1 Nov (Wed)/4-7pm
Physics Paper 2 Workshop 2 Nov (Thu)/6-9pm

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