Unique features of SmartLab Tuition Programme Other tuition centres
Maximum class size of 8 Maximum class size of 12-18
 In-house MOE approved lab & conduct of mock lab lesson days before GCE 'O' / 'A' level lab examination Demo lab lessons or simple experiments
Free revision/intensive class in Nov/Dec or Jun school holidays No free class

Group / Individual

Primary to JC Tuition Classes for Maths, Science and English.

IP Tuition is also available.

Science Lab

Home-schoolers or other learning groups who need laboratory facilities can call us for customised arrangements.

Result Guaranteed Programme

Available for Primary 5 to Junior College 2 Maths and Science. Full refund if student does not achieve the grade

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Since 1999:
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Tuition centre in Singapore providing Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics Tuition

With a history that spans more than 15 years, SmartLab is committed towards transforming students through its unique brand of effective tuition / teaching methodologies. SmartLab began its humble foray into education industry in 1999 in Bishan, with branches in Hougang, Jurong East, Marine Parade and Woodlands now. SmartLab is the pioneer in the education industry specializing in Sciences and Maths tuition.

When the founders started the tuition centre, private education market was already crowded with many established players offering tuition programmes catering to large number of students. There were also private tutors offering individual / 1-1 tuition to children. Thus, the competition was stiff which made transforming SmartLab into a leading tuition center in Singapore was no easy task.

SmartLab has identified that there was a gap in the education market and tuition centres specializing in Maths and Sciences in Singapore was the way ahead. The provision of personalized quality tutorial classes is handled effectively by SmartLab and ensures that children who are enrolled in its tuition centres are provided with the best tuition in Singapore. Hence, SmartLab recognizes the need to focus on a niche market and develop the education business.

Smart Lab employs full-time, experienced tutors to ensure competitive teaching is provided for its PSLE, GCE O Level and A Level tuition students. The number of students achieving excellent results each year in PSLE, O Level and A Level examinations attest to its exceptional quality.

With the class size strictly maintained at a maximum of 8 students per class, students are paid individual attention by the tutors at SmartLab as they have designed a special module for them so that the education imparted to them helps them do well going forward in life. They are also able to seek further assistance through its lesson consultation, providing a platform for individual sessions with them so that they are able to attain clarity and have no problems with any academic subject.

Students are inspired to explore lessons beyond the realms of books and classrooms by being exposed to an experiential, hands-on approach that fosters a lifelong love and knowledge towards learning. The tutors also engage the learners to interact with one another and compete along the lines of classroom teaching so that they know their standing against one another.

SmartLab has also effectively tackled the lack of education centres that fully harness the use of information technology for educating children as state of the art learning systems are installed in the tuition centres with which children are able to learn complicated Mathematics and Science topics easily and also able to understand the topics effectively. As a tuition centre, SmartLab's vision is to provide personalized quality tutorial classes which make learning easier and fun for children, helping them to do well academically.

Over the years, SmartLab has established itself as the market-leader for PSLE, GCE O Level and GCE A Level tuition programmes in Singapore. With its acclaimed holiday programme and exam preparation classes for both primary and secondary school level, SmartLab has also earned a reputation as the sought-after result-driven tuition centre. As for Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology, apart from theoretical lessons, SmartLab also provides laboratory practical lessons with its very own, well-equipped science labs / science practical for Biology Tuition, Chemistry Tuition and Physics Tuition.

SmartLab's latest innovative programme - Results Guaranteed Programme is also well received by parents and students alike as the focus is to instill confidence and help students improve in their results. SmartLab guarantees a full-refund of the fees if students do not achieve their desired results.

Subjects Offered by SmartLab : English, Maths, Sciences (E Math Tuition, A Maths Tuition, Chemistry Tuition, Physics Tuition, Biology Tuition), GP, Econs
Levels Offered : Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6, Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Junior College 1, JC 2, H2 tuition, IP Integrated Programme IP Year 1 to 4.
Education Centres / Branches : Bishan, Hougang, Jurong East, Woodlands, Marine Parade, Punggol (North, East, South, West of Singapore)

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