Why Choose Us?

  1. We deliver results

We are widely known for result improvement in our students over the past 7 years. Improvement of our students’ results can be viewed here. Overall performance of our students and the improvements they made during national examinations are compiled here.

  2. Laboratory Facilities

We have a full suite of laboratory equipments and we have enough sets to allow students to conduct science experiments themselves. Only a few experiments which have a higher level of risk is for demonstration by teachers only. Physics, chemistry and life sciences experiments are incorporated into our usual science curriculum to help students gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles, engage their interest and enquiring minds, and to prepare them to meet practical examinations requirements. Hands-on laboratory experiments are conducted at a frequency of about 1-2 lessons (1.5 hrs each) in a term.

  3. Quality and Experienced Teachers

The school comprises of a dedicated team of teachers led by our founders, Mr Tony Tan and Ms. Hazel Poa. Our teachers are carefully picked both for their excellent academic track record and their professional teaching experience. For more information about our, please refer to “Our Assets: Teachers“.

Apart from academic excellence and a strong grasp of the subjects they are teaching, our teachers are valued for their:

  1. strong communication skills through which information and messages are passed on effectively to students,

  2. commitment and sense of responsibility towards students. The ability to make a difference to students can only come from a heart-felt desire to do so. Young people are very acute in this respect. They can sense instinctively whether a teacher cares, and they react accordingly.

  3. friendly and approachable disposition which makes students unafraid to ask questions.

  4. Quality & Challenging Materials

We have over the years put in a lot of effort to develop a comprehensive set of materials to support activity-based and problem-based learning which are highly valued by our students. In fact, they are in such demand that our students have reported cases of their notes being stolen by their school classmates, and of their school teachers asking to borrow them. For stronger students and students in top schools, we have incorporated more challenging content and covered a wider scope (i.e. going beyond standard syllabus) to help them further develop their knowledge and understanding, and, for students in top schools, to help them cope with the higher demands from their schools.

  5. Teaching Methodology/System

Our proprietary teaching methodology/system is specifically designed to achieve results in our environment. While maintaining a common core system, it contains elements of flexibility to cater to the different needs of different students. Apart from teaching content, method of delivery and examination preparation skills, our holistic system also looks at how our recruitment policies, reward system, student information collection and documentation, etc helps to achieve our objective.

  6. Small Class Size

Our small class size of 18 allows us to pay each student individual attention, learn about their strengths and weaknesses and learning style, so that we are better able to help. A smaller class size also lets the students feel closer to our teachers and less inhibited about asking questions. We aim to establish a close partnership between the teachers and students, as we have done with numerous current and ex-students who have grown with us from upper primary / lower secondary levels all the way to JC.

  7. Free Tutorial Class

We conduct additional classes for weaker students if we find that they are unable to cope with the pace for the class or in their school.

We conduct activities and workshops aimed at motivating students, building confidence and resilience.

  8. Teachers Available For Asking Questions

As our teachers work full-time at our centres, they are always there for their students who have queries. Our students and their parents consult us on many things beyond school work, including what subject combinations they should take, what schools to go to etc.

  9. Belief System

We believe in helping our students believe in themselves. We believe that they can do better if they want to and are willing to put in the effort. We believe we can help them. We have turned around many students. The satisfaction that we derived far outweighed other rewards.

  10. E-learning

Our e-learning system supplements classroom teaching by allowing students to revise and test themselves at their own pace and convenience. Some modules are now operational, others are still being developed.