• The teachers were very adamant on helping the students. They offered extra lessons as well as went through the trouble of printing of assessment papers for the students to revise on. By attending Smartlab Private School, I have learned to be more self-sufficient. Thank you teachers and sorry that I did not put in as much effort as I should have in worksheets. – Edric Tan enrolled in Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2017

    The teachers are experience in teaching and cleared all my doubts during classes. Smartlab Private School helped to provide science practical, which benefit me from the O level science examination. The worksheets provided extra help in Mathematics, as it gives us more practice questions. Thank you for the teachers who helped me especially when I have doubts during lessons. Chen SuSu enrolled in Jurong Junior College in 2017

    The teachers are very friendly and looked at each of the students’ marks and weaknesses. They gave us remarks on how to improve as well. In my opinion, the AMath teacher did a really good job as my grades managed to jump to B4 from below passing mark. Smartlab Private School has a reward system which encouraged me to come to school punctually and do well for my exams. The notes and worksheets provided are useful, especially the notes for AMath and Social Studies. Thank you teachers for teaching me well and for your time and efforts! 😊  Htet Engine Thant enrolled in Singapore Polytechnic in 2017

    SmartLab taught me that just because I failed badly, doesn’t mean I can’t pick myself up and do better the next time round. Teachers are very helpful, patient and understanding. Whenever I had problems, they would patiently explain to me and guide me clearly on what I had to do. Notes are very helpful and summarized well which helped because I don’t like taking notes and make revising easier. – Berlin Hiu


    SmartLab has taught me to be more self-disciplined. They give us a lot of extra consultation time, especially when exam are coming. Some teachers are very strict. They ensure that we must hand in our assignments on time. Michelle Thong


    English Teacher: “Fun and engaging, able to connect with students as well as teach at the same time.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “He is fun and jokes along with us, we can feel fee to consult him for questions.”
    Physics Teacher: “She knows what she’s teaching, thus most of the lessons are productive. Strict at rules about break and wage of phones which benefits student from learning.”
    Social Studies Teacher: “She is friendly and engaging.” – Jocelyn Ng

    English Teacher: “Very patient.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “Very Friendly.”
    Math Teacher: “Very good teaching method.” – Eugene Ho

    Math Teacher: “Very good and caring.”
    English Teacher: “Can joke around & very friendly. Conduct lesson very well.”
    Chemistry Teacher “He is very good.” – Amanda Chew

    English Teacher: “He prepared everything well.”
    Physics Teacher: “Good at explaination.”
    Social Studies Teacher: “She prepared everything.” – Licia Wong

    English Teacher: “He is very patient.”
    POA Teacher: “He is very friendly.”
    Math Teacher “She can teach well.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “He is very good.” – Scott

    History Teacher: “She teaches well and she is willing to teach.”
    Physics Teacher: “She is keen to teach.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “Willing to teach.”
    English Teacher: “Willing to share his knowledge of life to us.” – Alicia Toh

    Biology Teacher: “I Like the teacher, I understand the concept easily.”
    English Teacher: “Teacher would share the life experience with us which could help me in my essay writing.” – Faez

    English/ History / Geography Teacher: “He is a great teacher. Points out my mistakes to me whenever I go wrong in direction.”
    Chinese Teacher: “He is very nice.”
    Physics Teacher: “A good teacher and always give me a lot of encouragement to be a better student.” – Lin Yalin

    Biology Teacher: “A calm teacher which could let me learn other intersting stuff.”
    AMaths Teacher: “Very very very helpful and hardworking teacher. Stays back to teach me concepts.”

    Math Teacher: “He is a very patient, helpful and good teacher, whose explanations are easy to follow.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “She is a capable and dedicated teacher who gives her best to her students. Her lessons are meaningful and useful.”
    English Teacher: “He is a good teacher who gives good & detailed explanations when students have doubts.”

    Math Teacher: “She is a wonderful teacher and always goes through maths topic step by step till students understands.”
    Biology Teacher: “She is good teacher and always give me a lot of encouragement to be a better student.”
    Chinese Teacher: “He is a nice person and usually praise me well for my good work.” – Terrence Lee

    English Teacher: “Starting to liven up the atmosphere, and starts to make lessons more interesting.”
    Geography Teacher: “Able to make lessons interesting.”
    Physics Teacher: “Able to communicate with students well.” – Collin Chan


    Math Teacher: “I love AMaths and EMaths. I love Ms. Lee.”
    Biology Teacher: “I’m satisfied with biology notes.” – Priscilla Chew

    Priscilla Chew

    Math Teacher: “She’s very helpful and understanding.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “I like the way she teach and tests if we are paying attention.”
    English Teacher: “I love English lessons, it’s very interesting. And its’ very helpful, I like the way she speaks in English.”
    History Teacher: “Very interesting, have powerpoint slides to understand better.”
    Geography Teacher: “I understand better, lessons are well-planned, neat notes, very helpful.”
    Physics Teacher: “Very helpful, attempts a lot to help us excel, teaches us till we understand.” – Shalini d/o Nadarajah

    English Teacher: “The English teacher gives us examples of composition writing which are very useful and the comprehension practices. They enable us to understand the ways of tackling the questions and he (also) makes English fun to learn; he is able to interact and connect to the students every well in his lessons. I learn more than just English which is very helpful.
    Chemistry Teacher: “She teaches well, she makes sure we understand what she teaches, she clears our doubts immediately. She even takes extra effort to teach those who have problems”.
    Physics Teacher: “I like how the physics teacher shows us videos to make the lessons more interesting. It also enables us to learn more.” – Nimmi Balakrishnan

    Math Teacher: “The mathematics teacher teaches really well and I understand E. Maths way better now”. She was able to communicate ideas and concepts effectively”.
    Geography Teacher: “I learned way beyond the textbook syllabus.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “She is a good teacher and lessons are always well planned.”
    English Teacher: “I learned how to write better compositions. He even attempts to make each lesson interesting.” – Anjana Babu

    English Teacher: “He has this wide knowledge in the subject.”
    Math Teacher: “Ms. Lee is very good in teaching Maths, she is also patient with us.” – Syahirah Binte Salino


    Geography Teacher: “He knows his subject and teaches very well.”
    English Teacher: “Mr. Salleh is very knowledgeable in the subject.” – Chua Alan

    Geography Teacher: “A teacher who can catch student’s interest outright.” – Aaron Yeo Kaiwen

    English Teacher: “He is a good teacher and teaches well in class.” – Glen Chia

    English Teacher: “Mr. Salleh is a fun spirited teacher. He can make each lesson very interesting.”
    Math Teacher: “She is a very understanding teacher.” – Mohammad Hassan

    Math Teacher: “She is excellent. She is very knowledgeable of the subject.” – Teo Keane Jia Jun

    Math Teacher: “She is very patient. She is prepared for each lesson.”  – Georgina Chen

    English Teacher: “Has a very good general knowledge as well as english topics.”
    Math Teacher: “Willing to sacrifice her personal time to have extra lessons.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “She sacrificed her personal time in order to give us extra lessons”.
    Physics Teacher: “Very good Physics teacher.” – Royston


    English Teacher: “Interesting lesson.”
    Math Teacher: “I understand better.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “Lesson is interesthing”.
    Geography Teacher: “Communicates well.” – Rachel 

    English Teacher: “A very good teacher who always help when needed.”
    Math Teacher: “The fonts in her paper is very small but she is a good teacher.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “Very good teacher but the fonts in the worksheets are too small.”
    Geography Teacher: “A very good teacher who always help when needed.”
    Physics Teacher: “Very sweet teacher. In choosing the question, has a very good strategic plan for O levels.” – Joshua

    English Teacher: “Knowledgable, has a lot of interesting stories to tell.”
    Math Teacher: “Best Maths teacher, patint towards students, approachable and willing to help anytime.”
    Chemistry Teacher: “Very understanding and patient, approachable when there is doubts in understanding.”
    Physics Teacher: “Sufficient homework given, explanation on subject is clear.” – Jolyn Wong



    English Teacher: “Attempts to make lessons interesting.”
    Math Teacher: “Patient teacher.”
    Geography Teacher: “Very detailed notes.”
    Biology Teacher: “Knowledgable about the topic.” – Hannah

    English Teacher: “Very extensive knowledge.”
    Geography Teacher: “Very good.”
    Physics Teacher: “Teacher is very knowledgable.” – Adam



  • At SmartLab Education Private School, we strive to provide the best for our students, and this means we are constantly upgrading through finding ways to improve ourselves and our services. Feedbacks from students as well as from parents are valuable to us and are used to improve teaching and customer satisfaction.

    Below are some of the feedbacks from parents:

    Mdm Amnah (Mother if Faez)

    “My son likes the English lesson and the teaching methods of Science make him to understand the concept easily. At the same time, the Math teacher gives my son extra lessons to help him in his Math.”

    Mr. Raju (Father of Va. Gayatheri)

    “Weekly feedback from email is very useful and excellent. My daughter is more focus.”

    Mr. Tan Cheng Hwa (Father of Gregory Tan Bing Hao)

    “Teachers and staff are able to keep my son motivated in learning and he looks forward to go to school most of the time. The tutors are caring and given him lots of encouragements. I can see that Gregory is taking the course seriously. The efforts put in by all the staff and teachers are commendable, please keep up the good works. Thank you.”

    Mrs. Rawiyah (Mother of Ummairah Binte)

    “The best reason if I would recommend the school to other parents is the extra classes or tuition that the school provide.”

     Mrs. Lim Chan Poh Leng (Mother of Daniel Lim)

    “The weekly attendance info was really helpful. The last “Meet the Parents” session I attended was encouraging and affirming about my son’s progress and useful insights of his behavior, strengths and weakness observed and help he received from few classmates and teachers. Keep it up! Thanks for all your help with my son, Daniel.”