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Student Contract

SmartLab Education Private School adopts CPE’s Standard Private Education Institute-Student Contract (English) without any deviation.

The CPE’s Standard Private Education Institute-Student Contract (English) is a legally binding contract between SmartLab Education Private School and its student. It incorporates the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Clear definition of course details including course title, course duration, entry requirements and qualifications awarded.
  2. Committed to Fees Protection Scheme by Student Tuition Fee Account
  3. Full details of all cost for Tuition and Non- tuition Fee.
  4. Clear definition of Refund policy covering – refunds in the event courses failed to commence and end on time, – time frame for student initiated withdrawal from the course.
  5. Dispute resolution mechanisms.

Click here for a sample of Student Contract.

Fees Protection Scheme

For every Private School student (local and international), SmartLab Education Private School puts in place the Fee Protection Scheme (the “FPS”) by way of a Student Tuition Fee Account (Escrow) pursuant to the terms and conditions of the standard PEI-student contract made between the student and SmartLab.

For more information pls visit the CPE website.

Click here to view a copy of the master escrow agreement dated 22 December 2009.

Changes of Student Particulars

Students must notify SmartLab Education Private School in writing of any changes to their personal particulars and addresses within two weeks of changes.

You may email to
Email Subject : Changes to Particulars