Student Awards

Tapping on the years of interacting with students, and leaning back on our learning experience, we think hard on what is the best means of helping students improve. After more than 10 years of diligence in implementing teaching methodology and curriculum by many of our teachers, we understand that the “mental” state of the student is the most important. The best revision materials and worksheets cannot be learnt and used for examination preparation unless the learners fully want and like to. The most knowledgeable teacher would not be able to effectively share and make a difference to an unwilling student. We believe that the most important factor is to build the self-confidence of students, to believe in them, to mentally gear and condition them for their major examinations and to run with them and cheer them on. Every year, these same desires in most of our students caused numerous of them to perform extremely well.


To encourage a can-do attitude in all our students, we are giving Academic Awards to deserving students who have demonstrated improvements academically. 


Award per student

Year 1 Students

Year 2 Students

Top subject Award*


Term 3 Assessment

Term 3 Assessment

Academic Award (‘O’ level)

S$100 for L1R4<20

S$200 for L1R4<15

S$300 for L1R4<10

GCE ‘O’ Level exam

Academic Award (‘A’ level)

S$100 for grade B,C,C for 3 H2 subjects & grade E for 2 H1 subjects

S$200 for grade B,B,B for 3 H2 subjects & grade E for 2 H1 subjects

S$300 for grade A,A,B for 3 H2 subjects & grade E for 2 H1 subjects

GCE ‘A’ level exam

Academic Award (AEIS)


that pass MOE AEIS test

*For ‘O’ Level, minimum of 3 students and should at least B3 Grade to qualify
*For ‘A’ Level, minimum of 3 students and should at least B Grade to qualify

Study Award (for GCE ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level Programme only) commends students who are well behaved and demonstrate positive attitudes towards learning. The monthly award is decided based on attendance, punctuality and conduct of students. Recipients will be receiving a cash incentive of $100 or pro-rated amount monthly.

  • Attainment of 90% attendance
  • Attainment of 90% punctuality for class
  • No more than 1 complaint from teachers