The orientation programme is provided to newly-enrolled students at the beginning of the year. The goal of this program is to not only give students a glimpse of what student life will be like, but also to articulate academic expectations, civil responsibility, and appropriate behavior.

The details of the programme includes as follows:

  • Information about SmartLab Education Private School
  • School Rules and Regulations
  • Course Information and Timetable
  • Study Award

pso_smartlab1On January 4, 2010, SmartLab Education Private School officially opened the class for its Full-time O level programme. Students together with their supportive parents has joined SmartLab Education Private School teachers and staff in an interactive discussion and familiarization on school timetable, procedures and guidelines, subject introduction and review, and student involvement activities aiming to develop good relationship among each other.

As this program is aimed to help students improve academically for their Preparatory Course For Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination exams, SmartLab Education Private School emphasizes on building confidence through an integrated activity-based and problem-based learning for English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science. Assessment is also being organized and managed as a supporting tool for learning.


In an effort to build partnership with students, an ice breaker game was also conducted to allow them to communicate and interact with each other. To improve the performance and attitude of students, parental support and teamwork within the class are essential in creating the supportive environment necessary for students to strive to excel.

pso_smartlab4_1As part of the orientation programme, CEO Mr. Tony Tan shared with the parents on the unique learning methodology developed by SmartLab Education Private School on 17 Jan 2009.

  • Exploration stage where focus is to support teaching and complement classroom activities.
  • Strengthening stage where focus is to condensed contents for quick revision before embarking on problem solving and focusing on weakness and areas that are normally examined during assessment.
  • Consolidation stage where contents are cross topical and questions asked require higher level of understanding as they tend to have an unfamiliar context or novelty in the question.