Application Details

(For Singaporean or Permanent Resident Only)
  1. All Applicants will be given a pre-course counselling by the Customer Service Officer or Business Executive if he/she intends to enrol for a course with Smartlab Education Private School.
  2. Applicants need to fill in and submit the Student Application Form. At the time of submission, they must bring along all original certificates and documents for verification.
  3. An application will only be processed when the Student Application form and all the necessary documents listed in the course registration document checklist are furnished.
  4. If the Application is approved, a Letter of Offer will be issued to the Applicant.
  5. All successful applicants applying for full time course are required to obtain a Medical Insurance policy before signing the Student Contract. The Medical insurance policy must meet the following requirements:

• annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 medical costs coverage per student;
• at least B2 ward stay (in government and restructured hospitals); and
• 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities).

Applicants who are already covered by their own medical insurance plan can opt out of the medical insurance scheme in the student contract clause 4.1. However, he/she must provide Smartlab Education Private School a copy of their medical insurance policy/certificate that meets the requirements as stated above.

6.  If the application is rejected, applicant will be informed via email and/or be advised on the next course of action.

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Payment Methods

Note that the cheque is made payable to SmartLab Education STFA (Escrow) which will be deposited to DBS bank. Also note on the following information when you make your payment;

Bill Reference Number – can be obtained from the Payment voucher to be given by Smartlab Education Private School before due dates on course fees.

Escrow Account Name – Smartlab Education STFA (Escrow)

Escrow Account Number – 003-905266-9

Student’s guide to payment of course fees 

If you have a DBS or POSB account, electronic payment is the most convenient method for you:

DBS iBanking (personal internet banking):

  • DBS Cashline
  • DBS Credit Card
  • DBS Savings/Current
  • POSB Savings/Current


  • DBS Savings/Current
  • POSB Savings/Current


  1. Select Bill Payment
  2. Look for Student Fees Escrow A/c from the payee list
  3. Enter your 10-digit Bill Reference No. (omit the dashes)

If you haven’t got a DBS or POSB account, we have these convenient payment channels for you:

  • Cash at any DBS Branch
  • Cheques (include Cashier’s Order/Draft & Money Order)
    Mail it to P.O. Box 125 SingPost Centre
    or Drop it at any DBS or POSB Quick Cheque Deposit Box


On the cash deposit slip or behind the cheque

  • Write your 10-digit Bill Reference No. (omit the dashes)
  • Write the PEI’s Escrow account name & number

Escrow Acc Name: Smartlab Education STFA (Escrow)
Escrow Acc Number: 003-905266-9

If you are paying from overseas by Telegraphic Transfer:

Beneficiary Bank Details

  • Beneficiary’s Bank: DBS Bank Ltd
  • Beneficiary Name : [insert Escrow Account Name]
  • Beneficiary Account No : [insert Escrow Account Number]

Remittance Details

  • Course ID
  • Course Name
  • 10-digit Bill Reference Number
  • Student Name

Escrow Acc Name: Smartlab Education STFA (Escrow)
Escrow Acc Number: 003-905266-9

Please pay the exact amount as on the Payment Voucher and not any more or any less.