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Classrooms and Reception

The number of classrooms in the registered premises of the private education institution, and the floor area and capacity of each classroom;

No. of classroom: 5

15.0sqm – Classroom 1 (Capacity : 10)
16.0sqm – Classroom 2 (Capacity : 10)
16.0sqm – Classroom 3 (Capacity : 10)
20.0sqm – Classroom 4 (Capacity : 13)
23.0sqm – Classroom 5 (Capacity : 15)

Each classroom is equipped with a whiteboard and a computer to assist the teacher in their delivery of lessons.
School Facilities provided include: Projectors, Desktop Computers for presentations and research, photocopying machine and scanner.

Receiption Area  Lab Apparatus Display  Room1  Room3  Room2  Room4  Room5

Student Workstation

Students are given 2 student workstations which they can use for academic research purposes. It is equipped with two computers with internet connection. Students must fill up a form before and after the use of the computers.


SmartLab Education Private School Laboratory (Woodlands) 

Lab Room : 1

12.3sqm – Lab Room (Capacity : 6)


Facilities Near Our School

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