‘O’ / ‘A’ Level Courses For Singapore Citizens and Singapore PRs only.


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SmartLab Education Private School started its operation in 2005 and has transformed into a leading O Level private school. This Singapore private school was initially named as SmartLab Singapore Pte. Ltd. and in 2008, the school was renamed as SmartLab Education Private School and is registered with MOE and Casetrust then Council for Private Education.

SmartLab Education Private School is one of the best private schools in Singapore for GCE O level programme and is being managed by the same management team that runs the successful tuition brand SmartLab. Smartlab Education Private School offers both full-time and part-time GCE O Level programme. Today, it has added GCE A Level programme under its wings, to extend its platform to students aspiring to do GCE A Level programme as part or full-time private candidate. It has since become a popular choice among students who retake GCE O Level or GCE A Level examinations.

SmartLab Education Private School is equipped with a science lab armed with quality laboratory equipment. The laboratory has sufficient apparatus that allow the students to conduct private GCE O and GCE A level pure science experiments with absolute ease on their own. The experiments are generally added in the science curriculum of the students with the motive of engaging their minds, to offer them a deeper understanding to every scientific principle and to gear them up for the private GCE O and GCE A level practical examination.

SmartLab Education Private School conducts two types of academic courses:

  1. GCE ‘O’ Level: It is a O level preparatory course Singapore -Cambridge General Certificate Of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination
  2. GCE ‘A’ Level: It is an A level preparatory course Singapore -Cambridge General Certificate Of Education (Advanced Level) Examination

Both the academic courses, GCE A Level and the GCE O level are special in their own way and have their set style of academic calendar, programme, method of delivery, admission criteria, course of examinations, assessment styles, academic awards and fees. Every private candidate for A level or a private candidate for O level opting and applying for the course will have to abide by the set rules and styles diligently.

Smartlab Private Education School is served by a dedicated team of full time teachers who are led by the Principal, Mr Vincent Lee, a graduate of Loughborough University with a 2nd Upper Honours degree as well as a former government scholar. There are various other special factors that make it a desired Singapore private school. Among the highlights are:

  1. A mandatory admission interview by one of the management staff.
  2. The class size is not more than 18 children.
  3. At least one Meet-the-Parent session.
  4. Assessment progress reports are handed to the parents.
  5. Free tutorial classes for students.
  6. Awards of appreciation for good learning attitude and academic performance.